Types of Travelers in the World

There are many types of travellers in the world- each with their unique personality. Clinton Moodley looks at a few of them.

The planner

Who are they? The one friend in the group who takes over the entire group plans, from booking hotels, the sightseeing and other itinerary details.

How to identify them: They are usually the ones with a notebook or on their phones.

How to handle them: Try to say as less as possible and go with the flow. Their passion for planning is one of the reasons why your trip would be a success.

The over planner

Who are they? There’s the planner, and then there is the over planner! This type of traveller usually gets everyone matching clothing, picks out the restaurants and even pre-orders meals. They do not live in the moment and usually panics about time.

How to identify them:They are usually the one who is telling their friends to hurry up in fear of missing the next tour.

How to handle them: They could ruin a perfectly good trip because of they’re over-eagerness to have everything planned. Therefore, try to step in and intervene when things start to get out of hand.

The risk-taker

Who are they: This type of travellers loves adventure. Whether its bungee-jumping, skydiving or even paragliding, they are usually the first in line for adrenalin-activities.

How to identify them:They usually choose adventure over iconic tourist spots.

How to handle them: Let them have their fun. The risk-taker is in their element when they are on an adventure.

The overpacker

Who are they? The one who carries a large suitcase for an overnight trip or packs for all seasons.

How to identify them: They have many suitcases with them…and a carry-on!

How to handle them: If it’s a road trip, tell them to pack minimally for space reasons. If not, let them do what they want.

The photographer

Who are they: The photographer loves to take pictures, whether its the scenery, the people or even the food. They want to make sure that a holiday has lasting memories.

How to spot them: This type of traveller is always clicking photographs, some which are award-winning.

How to handle them: If you are fortunate to have a camera (no, a phone camera does not count) then, by all means, snap away. I am sure everyone would be very thrilled to have their pictures taken.

The ‘always in a relaxed mood’ traveller

Who are they? This traveller wants to laze around and bask in their holiday. They want to do as little as possible and are not usually keen on sightseeing.

How to spot them: They are usually by the beach, or on a hammock in their villa, enjoying a novel or sipping cocktails.

How to handle them: There isn’t much you can do to entice them to go on tour with the rest of the group, but you can give them serious FOMO with your videos and pictures.

The social media addict

Who are they? They are always looking for “Insta-worthy places for pictures.” and would do anything to get the perfect shot.

How to spot them: That bossy traveller who hogs a tourist attraction to get the best shot for social media. They will soon after demand the wifi code to post them.

How to handle them: If its a private place, there is little you can do. However, if you are in a public place then perhaps ask one of the staff to address the person

Source/Credit: https://www.iol.co.za/travel/travel-tips/which-of-these-7-types-of-travellers-are-you-17730764