Unique heart shaped lakes

heart shaped lakes
We all have seen lakes that are usually in uneven circle or some shape that appears as round. But then have you ever seen or even heard of lakes being in heart shape? Yeah, thats right! There are a few unique heart shaped lakes around the world. Rather, every continent has them. Here, take a look.

One of the best, picture perfect heart shaped lakes that you will ever find in the world lies in the center of Brampton, Canada. This lake is known as Hart Lake. This heart shaped lake beautifully sits in the conservation area of Canada. This place is famous for outdoor adventures like hiking and biking trails as well as swimming. Lower Chicago lake is a little rounded around its edges but then still appears as a heart shaped lake. The Chicago lakes are actually Colorado. Actually this American lake is quite a mixture in itself. Its closest town is Idaho Spring which in Mount Evans Wilderness so this means that it comes in Chicago, Colorado and Idaho. If you stand near the upper Chicago lake you will get a perfect view of this heart shaped lake.

In the National Park of France, Pyreness, you will witness another heart shaped lake. To get the best view of this lake is to see it from the tip of Montagnon Iseye which is like 2173m high. This lake is famously known as Lac Du Montagnon. In between the valleys of Chin Mountains and the mountains that border the Indian regions, you will find the Rih lake. This is Myanmar’s heart shaped lake and you are most likely to see many tourists around here. This place is very difficult to get at the very first go but since in the northwest region of Myanmar this is the only spectacular spot, you are likely drawn towards it.

The Norwegian lake, Lake Borebukta is commonly also known as the Pool of Love. The lake was originally not in a heart shape. It got this shape after a glacier melted. Now this lake is beautifully surrounded by the Arctic. The Pool of Love is located on the largest Norwegian island, Spitzbergen. Turkey has just one heart shaped lake located in an almost barren land. Buyuk is a volcanic crater lake. This lake is also known as Narli Gol and was formed by landslides. This lake is situated in the National Park of Northern Turkey.