Visit The Beautiful Danube

“Captivating” was the guarantee of our waterway voyage in the polished pamphlets. I didn’t require any persuading. The Danube has dependably invoked pictures of a lovely, sentimental and strange place. A story book setting, home of the waltz, snowflakes at Christmas and dreams of excellent ladies in surging capes and sentimental outfits walking the promenade with a great looking man.

So a winter voyage down the Danube? In a drifting inn depicted by one voyage mag as an extravagant Viennese castle? Indeed, please.

Budapest – what a glorious city


We traveled to Munich and got exchanges to Passau, where we boarded our pontoon, the SS Maria Theresa, for an eight-day voyage down the Danube.

Stops en route included Linz (with the alternative of a side excursion to Salzburg); lovely notable towns like Melk and Durnstein; Vienna, the city of sentiment; Bratislava (I was wiped out and missed it), and the fabulous finale – Budapest, a dynamic, insane, shocking city whose effortless, old excellence stunned us at each road corner.

Fitter travelers took in the sights by bike (one journey took them on a 30-kilometer-in addition to cycle trip along the Danube), or smaller than usual climbs and strolling visits. For the less portable (or less fiery) touring transports were additionally put on.


I anticipated that would be overwhelmed by Vienna. Also, obviously I was. It’s a social fortune trove – home of the waltz, Mozart and Strauss. On our “do like local people” visit we wandered through thin city boulevards, ate cake in a customary café and halted for hotdog at one of the numerous road stands. We didn’t look anything like local people obviously, with our visit guide and earpieces to hear the critique. In any case, the upside of going toward the finish of the year implied we weren’t lost among an ocean of different visitors like us. Local people unquestionably dwarfed us.

Our day in Vienna started with a select “morning with the Masters” at Vienna Art History Museum and finished with a charming night show at a Viennese royal residence, tuning in to Mozart and Strauss while traditional dancers purchased the music to life.


Vienna was beguiling yet Budapest stole my heart. We were exhorted by the group to discover a spot on the best deck as we drew into the city and it soon turned out to be clear why. This old city is amazingly lovely. Hungary’s capital and most crowded city is an energetic and throbbing complexity to the extravagant and to some degree staid Vienna. Its blurred and peeling magnificence is home to a youthful and flourishing populace, making it one the most thickly populated urban areas in the European Union.

Visit the city by foot and metro and ensure you visit the business sectors. Our guide took us by metro to one of the bigger market lobbies from the traveler spots where slows down overflowed with hotdogs, the strength dried paprika, nectar and cheeses. We could have spent the day there.


Whoopee. I’ve never been certain about travels, ocean affliction being my greatest, however not my lone, concern. The journey sends that tie up at Wellington threaten me – they appear like gigantic drifting urban communities. In any case, the Maria Theresa was a small drifting gem. It has only 83 rooms and a most extreme inhabitance of 155 travelers. It resembled going in a personal, sumptuous, boutique lodging that accompanied a consistently evolving view. We had hours of euphoria sitting on the best deck viewing the world pass by – beguiling, antiquated towns took after by shocking extends of dull and secretive woodland. It was a cold November, however we cuddled up in warmed covers and the team utilized us with hot chocolates and reflected on wine. Rapture.

As treks go, this one packed into a short space of time. We’ve been to Europe previously, so knew making that much progress without anyone else would be a strategic bad dream. We didn’t have room schedule-wise in front of this outing to arrange settlement and transport, or the vitality once we arrived to explore B&B dialect hindrances, repulsive prepare calendars and left-hand driving (regardless I have bad dreams about an indirect in Grenada a couple of years back).

A stream voyage appeared like the ideal answer. There was almost no we needed to sort out ahead of time. Our greatest cerebral pain was on landing in a turbulent Munich airplane terminal (the legendary German love of request was long gone). When we snared with our Uniworld rep for the exchange transport, any strategic issues mystically dissolved away.


Voyage Critic portrayed the SS Maria Theresa as “Magnificent in its extravagant eighteenth century stylistic theme, a skimming respect to the previous Austrian ruler. Other than liberal feasting and an exquisite air, this is one of the prettiest ships out there.” They were not off-base.

Voted the best new waterway dispatch for 2015, the Maria Theresa is 135 meters in length and enlivened in excessive Baroque and Rococo styles.

We boarded on a severely chilly night and the Maria Theresa was a safe house of quieted warmth and shading, as lavish as the shiny handouts guaranteed. In downtown Auckland it may appear to be over the best yet on the Danube it worked.

The column of staff wearing formal supper suits who invited us incorporated a wonder called Sebastian. I don’t know what was part of Sebastian’s expected set of responsibilities – it presumably did exclude bringing us chicken soup and dry saltines when we both became ill with this season’s cold virus, hauling expansive amounts of crisp water to our room, offering us counsel on spots to see, searching out data for our benefit or clarifying how much things cost. In any case, he appeared to mystically show up at whatever point we required him.

The offices on board are similarly amazing and incorporate a lavish lounge area and rich salon, a spa, and even a little however splendidly shaped rec center – there are treadmills, stationary bicycles, and a TRX suspension preparing set-up. Far and away superior, wherever we tied up there were made-for-running streets and stream strolls. An extraordinary method to get a head begin on the touring.

Taking a waterway journey resembles taking your own boutique inn with you at each stop. I expected a lodge. I opened the way to a roomy and lavish lodging room. There were expansive picture windows that let us savor the continually changing perspective from bed. This vessel was worked for comfort. Check this out, hikers.

The nourishment

Every stream journey watercraft prides itself on a specific claim to fame and the Maria Theresa’s is its nourishment. In case you’re expecting an “everything you can eat” smorgasbord, or supper plate-sized steaks, overlook it. The night dinner was a four-course issue, with wine chose to run with each course. The suppers were impeccably cooked and displayed, and the attention was on quality not measure.

The visitors

Not nearly nothing, not very enormous – a waterway pontoon appears like the Goldilocks choice of cruising. You can have to such an extent or as meager to do with alternate visitors as you need.

Breakfast, lunch and supper were served in the lounge area where you could either feast alone, or share without appearing to be excessively make a decent attempt. Try not to be astounded however in the event that individuals join your table paying little heed to your expectations. The greater part of the visitors were amicable nd appeared to incline toward the blend and-blend alternative. We became more acquainted with the greater part of them by face, and some moved toward becoming companions.

On account of this season’s cold virus we carried with us from New Zealand, ee didn’t join the after supper soirees in the upstairs parlor bar however alternate visitors said it was an entirely get-together and there were some late evenings.

A brisk show of hands uncovered the majority of the travelers were Americans, trailed by Canadians, and whatever remains of us from everywhere throughout the world. We were the main Kiwis. The vast majority of the visitors were prepared voyagers – an amazing number of them had even been to New Zealand. What’s more, a large number of them were on their fourth or fifth Uniworld voyage. It was the simplicity of movement, the fellowships they framed on past travels, and the extravagance and tender loving care that continued bringing them back.

Voyaging solo

I was intrigued to know whether this was a decent choice for somebody like my Mum, who is widowed. As it turned out, myself and my accomplice both got the opportunity to attempt the performance choice while the other one was confined to bed. Furthermore, we found there were constantly different singles or couples to amigo up with. I became acquainted with a few ladies whose spouses wanted to remain home. They needed an occasion where the voyaging was simple while they were spoiled and gotten all worked up about.


Professionals – the majority of the above, particularly the simplicity of movement. Going by waterway is a superbly casual and exceptional approach to see the world. We are presently truly contemplating some of Uniworld’s different travels in the Mediterranean and Middle East. An unforeseen preferred standpoint – becoming ill wasn’t anyplace close as lamentable as it would have been going without anyone else. The team were minding and kind.

The other huge favorable position is keeping control of your financial plan – the forthright cost might be all the more however once you’re on the vessel you truly don’t need to spend a penny on the off chance that you would prefer not to. Everything – suppers