Visit the Modern Day Ottaman Empire

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia and is situated in the valley of the Vardar River with an emotional history that traverses a huge number of years. It shapes the intersection of two exchanging courses in southeast Europe that joins both western and eastern civilisation. The legacy of Ottoman circumstances is inescapable in Skopje. One of the city’s most very much saved mosques is that of the Gazi-Isisa-Bey Djamia. In the seventeenth century it is trusted that there were up to a hundred and twenty mosques in Skopje. Between the city’s mosques is the last surviving cloister in the focal point of Skopje, Sveti Spas, with a fine church and wooden chime tower.

Both cloister and church were worked before the season of the Ottomans and in the long run they must be decreased in size on the grounds that no different religious building was permitted to be bigger than a mosque. The noteworthy stone scaffold of Kameni Most traverses the stream Vardar and joins two city regions and furthermore the Muslim world with that of the Christian Orthodox. The monstrous two hundred and fourteen meter long stone extension was implicit the late fifteenth century under the control of Sultan Mehmet the Second. In Ottoman circumstances the extension was a position of execution where dissidents were executed out in the open. Skopje has turned into an image of society and solidarity. A thriving city at the south-eastern apocalypse!

Here’s a video that will definitely inspire you to take a trip down to this empire!