Visit The World’s Happiest Cities

Travelling is great for relaxation and a bit of recreation but, what if we told you that, you could find happiness by travelling to these countries? Surprised? Don’t be, because we’ve put together a list of the top five, happiest countries you can visit for your slice of the sunshine. A survey conducted in 2013 measured the well being quotient of all the residents in around 150 plus countries and finally came out with a report titled, ‘The World Happiness Report’.

The top five happiest countries are all from  northern Europe and have exemplary facilities which add to their citizens’ generosity, likability and happiness. Get some happiness for yourself by visiting these countries!

The Old Town Arhus, Denmark


This culturally vibrant city, is situated on the east coast of Jutland and is known to have the largest container and industrial waterfront in the country.

Oslo, Norway


This quite city is the closest to nature with a backdrop of thick forests and has a ton of youth and music festivals. One of the major tourist attractions here is the public sculpture park which is an artistic treat to the eyes.

Geneva, Switzerland


This city is home to United Nation’s headquarters and thus has a lot of foreign diplomats milling about. Sitting at the southwestern end of Lake Geneva, this town provides for a lake to take a dip in as well as to ski over during the winters.

Utrecht, Netherlands


This city is filled up to its brim with beautiful cafes and restaurants and has a lot of pubs and bars towing the pavements. Apart from being so picturesque it makes for a great place to rewind and watch birds fly by.

Malmo, Sweden 


It is the third largest city in Sweden and offers very pleasant view over the sea.

Let’s go happiness fishing!