Visit The World’s Smallest Hotel

Mohammed Al Malaheem a.k.a Abu Ali, 64, tries to give voyagers a 5-star involvement in the Jordanian abandon town of Al Jaya.


Indeed, even as his neighbors abandoned the forsook (Ha!) town one by one – Abu Ali remained back and changed over his VW Beetle into a comfortable lodging.

The VW Beetle is situated close to the foot of the Montreal château in Al Jaya

Having started in 2011 post-retirement Abu Ali’s girl restored the auto’s insides with carefully assembled weaved sheets and cushions.

Having spent as long as he can remember in Al Jaya, he needed to put his town on the visitor delineate, it manages the absolute most delightful landscape in Jordan.

The cover is the inn’s entryway, Abu Ali jokes.

Stopped on the roadside, it cases to be to be the most modest lodging. Visitors are served espresso, tea and Jordanian tidbits made by Abu Ali’s little girl – and the entire five-star involvement for a night in the abandon costs just $56 (₹ 3641 roughly).