Visit These Destinations But Only In Groups

There is definitely something to be said for traveling to a destination on one’s own and having the freedom to move about independently, without thinking about anyone’s wants or desires other than yours.

But there are some destinations and experiences that are just more fun when shared in a group, says Classic Journeys.

The purveyor of handcrafted private and group trips knows a thing or two about people traveling together, and the tour operator has identified a few trips that are more enjoyable when experienced with a few people rather than visiting alone.

The Galapagos

Classic points to the Galapagos as one of the best places to visit in a group and, as someone who traveled there alone, I can vouch for the assessment.

First, the National Park, which encompasses almost all of the region, requires visitors to have a guide no matter what. Travelers also must travel by boat from island to island. Those looking to make the journey even somewhat affordable would be wise to take advantage of the expertise of a tour operator such as Classic Journeys, that can organize all aspects of the trip, from accommodation to wildlife viewing, with reputable cruise companies and guides.

Costa Rica

“When you’re ziplining through a rainforest canyon, you’ll need someone else to high-five besides the monkeys and toucans!” notes Classic Journeys.

Sometimes, its the camaraderie that is missing from a solo journey, and when you are taking in stunning wildlife or hiking through tropical jungles, it’s nice to have another person to share in the wonder with you.

Classic Journeys can arrange a wide variety of experiences in Costa Rica, and travelers have their choice of how they want to travel, whether its a family-friendly itinerary, a multisport journey, a culinary-focused visit or a private trip.


Cuba is a unique destination altogether.

Under the current presidential administration, there is certainly some remaining confusion about how and if Americans can travel to Cuba independently. While opportunities still exist, one of the best ways to ensure you remain in good standing with the U.S. government is to travel in a group.

Classic Journeys was a pioneer of Cuban group travel and has lasting, flourishing relationships with local vendors. It continues to offer guests handcrafted journeys to the country.