What to do when in Bristol?

When in Great Britain everyone is keen on visiting London. Its all about London, London and London. But for change visit the south west of England and you will fall in love with Bristol. Then you will only chant about Bristol, Bristol and Bristol . All you have to do is get on a train at Paddington or simply drive down the M4, which is more recommended.

The Clifton Suspension bridge is one of the examples of impeccable engineering. This bridge was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 1864 is the year when it was set up. This bridge gives you the best view and recommended to walk rather then just drive. You will see the Avon Gorge. At the tail of the bridge, you will find an informative visitors center at the Leigh Woods. This spot gives you the a brief description on the bridge’s initial planning stage, its construction and completion along with its documents and 19th century pictures.

One of the best attractions of Bristol is its old zoo. This zoo holds nearly 400 species of animals out of which few of them are endangered. This zoo is the world’s fifth oldest zoo. If you want to look into Bristol’s some amazing engineering then you got to visit the SS Great Britain. This ship will totally appear larger than life. This water vessel was the world’s first transatlantic liner which was established way before its time. In 1843, this was the largest ship ever build. This ship is a living legend of the Victorian time.

Bristol’s old city is famous for its market and tiny craft stalls. You will witness age old gigantic buildings on the Corn Exchange and St. Nicholas Market. The King Street, Queen Street and Welsh Back are lined by both sides by the beautiful Georgian houses. This is the place where there was the trading of Caribbean slaves. Graffiti art is what you love, then you have a brand new reason to visit Bristol. You will find the world’s most famous graffiti artist’s, Banksy, work in this city. This is the very place where he began his career. For some more of art, visit Arnolfini. This is Bristol’s one of the leading centers for contemporary art. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery also holds many exhibitions by the renowned American artists throughout the year. So you see, Great Britain is not all about London, London and London. It could certainly be about Bristol, Bristol and Bristol also.