Why Should You Visit Alaska In September?

September is one month, in which people rarely travel. Its considered to be the shoulder month as compared to June, July and August, which make for the most traveled months. Did you know there is one very secretly beautiful ┬áplace where you should totally go this September, when the travel season is in its most lax state. You can go sightseeing, hike as well as get amazing places for accommodation here, all of which will be crowd free. If this wasn’t enough reason to get you to visit Alaska, we have compiled a list of photos, which are breathtakingly beautiful and would definitely infuse you with wanderlust.

Few of the very interesting things that you could do here would be, go kayaking with the Orcas, visit the beautiful glaciers by taking a cruise out there. Visit the Alaskan rail road and see a grizzly bear, take a walk on top a few very tall pines, right in the middle of a deep valley. If you are lucky enough, you’d get to experience of the state fair, full of live shows, musicals and lot of fireworks. Venture out during your stay to catch a glimpse of those enticing northern lights that Alaska is so very famous for. The best of all would be getting to see a moose, in its most natural habitat.