Witness wild in the wildest region of Chile

region of Chile
Chile has one of the best tourist attractions, the Atacama dessert. This is the most remote and distinctive place you will ever find on this planet. Atacama dessert is located right in between the Pacific and Andes. Often described as the wildest region of Chile, the Atacama dessert is known for its white salt pan, rocky-rusty mountains and rocks, volcano tops and vast landscaped horizon.

If you want to visit this dessert be prepared for a waterless sight. It is an extreme terrain. Did you know that the Atacama dessert is one of the driest places on Earth? This clearly explains the reason for no progress and human civilization in and around this area. However, it has become a tourist attraction. You will find, college students and backpackers wandering around the rocky mountains. In the heart of the dessert, you will come across a small town called San Pedro de Atacama. Make sure to drop by.

Around sunset, you must visit Valle de la Luna. Valle de la Luna translates as Valley of Moon. There is a reason that it is named like that. The moment you set your foot around sunset time, you will find that the whole region appears like a lunar landscape. If you observe it closely you will notice that the color of light changes every second. And at one point you will see blood red splash of light dividing the terrestrial planet from the glooming sky. All you have to do is walk 15km west from the San Pedro de Atacama village. If you want to get dissolved in the moment alone, well, that is not going to happen. Just like you there will be other tourists around you.

And since you are in the spot , visit the white salt pan as well. The Salar de Atacama is the largest salt flat of Chile. And it is in these waters that you will find the replication of the magnificent sunset burning Andes. Valle de la Muetre is the Death Valley. A 10 minute drive from the village and you will get an adrenaline rush the moment you set your foot on the dunes. After a daredevil ride, slouch watching over the stars at Atacama dessert. On a cloudless dessert night you sure are in for a treat of the sparkling twinkling stars.

A trip to the El Tatio geyser is worth the pain. You have to visit this place in the morning. The temperature around 4 is -15 degree Celsius. Walk north of the town and get chilled in the icy cold winds of Andes.