You Will Never Lose This Bag Ever Again

It’s occurred sooner or later.

You get off the plane and make a beeline for your inn, just to understand that you’ve grabbed the wrong baggage.

Or, then again far and away more terrible, you discover at the air terminal that another person has taken yours.

Without a doubt, you can put strips and stickers on your packs, yet in some cases they get pulled off or lost, so you’re unaware regarding what bag is truly yours.

That is the reason this brand has concocted a plan to ensure that your baggage will never pass you by again.

Appropriately named, The Headcase, the organization, Firebox, will print an out and out picture of yourself (or whatever you need) onto your cases for you.

What’s more, we believe it’s splendid. Simply take a gander at it:


You can purchase different sizes of baggage, and it’s not even that costly, with costs beginning at €22.39 and going up to €33.59 for an expansive bag.

You’ll never miss your sack again… furthermore, even better, no one else will erroneously lift it up either!