You’ll Be Able To Relate If You Are An Overpacker Too

Long weekends are the perfect time to escape your everyday surroundings and fill your wanderlust. Traveling is really dreamy, but in order to go anywhere, you need to pack. Fitting everything you need into one suitcase is a challenge, and sometimes almost impossible. I firmly believe in having an outfit for every plan, because you truly never know what you may feel like wearing when you arrive. If you’re an over-packer like I am, you’ll totally relate to these memes about long weekends, because they totally get you.

I understand when planning for your weekend getaway, you have to be prepared for every possible situation. That means, the struggle is real when you’re trying to zip up your suitcase filled with all those possibilities. When the zipper for extra space doesn’t give you enough extra space, we’ve all had to try the technique of sitting on top of the bag, trying to get it to close. So many staples are necessary, regardless of how many days you are away. Luckily, you have these nine memes to get your through it all. You’ll be able to laugh it off, knowing you’re not alone. Just remember to pack everything before trying to zip up your luggage. You won’t want to have to do it again.

1 You Tried To Pack Light…You Really Did

You have good intentions when you start to pack. You keep telling yourself, “This time, I will pack light,” but there’s that voice in your head that also says, “You may need it,” so you put it in your bag. You had high hopes for this time, but always end up with the same size bag as last time. You’ll try again on the next long weekend.

2 Your Suitcase Is Stuffed Like The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Trying to stuff everything you need into one bag is almost impossible. Who made up these size restrictions for airplane bags? It must be someone who doesn’t understand the importance of an outfit change.

As you’re trying to zip everything up, your clothes bulge out of the sides, and the zipper is definitely going to break open one of these days. Oops! Let’s just cross our fingers, and hope it doesn’t happen this weekend.

3 Procrastination Won’t Make It Easier, But You Can’t Help It

Whoever thinks every aspect of traveling is all part of dreamy wanderlust totally forgot about the harsh realities of packing. You already know it’s going to be a struggle, so you put it off until the last minute. That’s when you start throwing in everything you see, and overpacking to the extreme. You just can’t help yourself when vacation mode sets in.

4 God Bless The Rolling Suitcase

Whoever invented wheels for suitcases is one of the people in the world I love most, and luggage with four wheels is a dream come true. Other than the unnecessary weight limit for airplanes, you don’t have to stress about overpacking, because you don’t have to carry your barge. Just a simple push, and you’re heading into the long weekend in style.

5 Your Excuse Is Always You’re “Just Being Prepared”

Sure, you only really need one outfit a day, but hey, plans change. Some Prince Charming could sweep you off your feet on your vacation, and want to take you to a fancy dinner. You need a formal dress for that — maybe two.

Just to be cautious and prepared, your comfort zone means at least five outfits per day. It’s not your fault that a long weekend means you have to increase that number of emergency outfits. Also, nobody repeats outfits on the ‘Gram.

6 When You’re Not Ready To Face The Idea Of Packing For The Weekend

When packing, it’s a struggle just to decide where and when to begin. You want to make sure you’re strategic about it this time, so you’re not packing too much, but that just takes more time. You set your suitcase down and walk away for a break. You’ll get to it when you absolutely have to. In reality, you are postponing the inevitable.