3 Amazing Travel Hacks That Flight Attendants Swear By

Flight attendants usually spend upwards of 80 hours, per month in the air, which basically means that they travel for almost double the amount of time than a normal traveler would. As this people technically live out of their suitcases whenever they travel, they seem to be the authority on the best kind of travel hacks there would be. So these people decided to lend some of their wisdom, when it comes to travelling both in airplanes and outside of them. So read on and make sure you travel, the smart way like them.

1. Become a Back Bencher For That Extra Drink


A lot of people who travel by air usually prefer to sit near the entrance. This is because either they can get out really quick and get through the customs really fast, or they get the best seats possible. A lot of flight attendants admit that the best seat on an airplane is the one on the back, the reasons for this are, that it is near the the flight attendant’s cabin and thus you get free drinks and extra attentive service.

2. Jet Lag Battles


Jet lag can definitely play a pivotal role in spoiling your trip, if you are visiting a country in a different time zone from your home. This problem is faced by most of the air flight attendants as well. One of the best solutions, read a book and sip some tea. If this doesn’t do the trick for you, engage yourself in some other activity and try again after an hour.

3. Clothes Tales


Calling up the hotel and asking them about their laundry services, can actually let you pack lighter. All you have to do is carry a detergent bag and this can help you reuse your clothes. The most tried and tested method of packing is to roll clothes up to save more space and packing an hair iron, helps a lot when you want to iron your clothes in a jiffy.