3 Tech Innovations That Changed The Way We Travel

The modern world of the 21st century, has ushered in a new age in the history of mankind. Today the world is better known as digital world and technology has made very field bigger and better. Travel is one such field, where there has been a lot of evolution due to the advancement in technology. There are innovations which benefit not only travelers but also the travel agents and travel companies.

Here’s a list of three innovations that changed the travel industry like never before.

1. Online Booking


The whole world is going online today, this is an age where you can find the most trivial of things at the click of a button. This innovation has been an amazing boon for the travel industry too. Where earlier, the travelers used to stand in long harrowing queues, pay extra for their tickets; online booking has been a way of convenience  and comfort.

2. Predictive Analysis


Big Data Science and data analytics have provided a great boost to the world of marketing today. Numerous travel companies are able to market travel destinations better, as a result of the various surveys and feedback from those you travel.

3. Social Media


Social Media could well be this century’s best invention possible. Nowadays, travelers use all the social networking sites to look for the best places to travel. This benefits the travel companies as well, as they are able to market their services to a large number of people.