5 Awesome Tips To Travel The Right Way

Traveling is the best thing ever for all of us, with hearts that wander and minds that crave beautiful things. Although the tourist destinations that we all day dream about going to are absolute beacons of beauty and wonder, the actual process of traveling is a bit dreary. Sometimes this whole process can become a pain in the neck, as it takes a huge chunk of time to organize everything from tickets to hotel bookings to the various shopping sprees taken to find the perfect items for the vacation.

These 5 amazing tips will arm you to travel in the best way possible.

Always Carry Your Own Headphones

In spite of a lot of airline offering free headphones, it is always better to carry your own as you cannot always guarantee that you will find good ones on your flight. Another benefit of these headphones would be cutting down the excessive noise so you can catch up on sleep.

Find Out The Best Day To Travel

airplane travel cloud

Usually it is considered that every Tuesday is the best day to buy plane tickets at insanely affordable cots. The best days to travel by flight you ask, would be Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Make Your Luggage Go Tag Less

An old-fashioned suitcase with a ?wherever? luggage tag

Most of the times the reason for luggage bags to get lost is the fact that they were full of tags of different locations. Ensure that the only tags on your bag are your name and contact details and the tag of the place you are headed too.

Avoid Free Coffee


Although many of us are extremely attuned to the delicious caffeinated beverage, its better to avoid the free coffee that you get at airports. The rumor goes that due to the lack of proper cleaning mechanisms, the coffee machines are just given a rinse instead of a thorough cleaning.

Always Be Polite


Being polite and asking things in a nice manner are attributes, which are highly appreciated in all the places. This very politeness can get your economy class sat bumped up to the business class, give you complimentary drinks at a restaurant or even get you a bigger suite at the hotel.

Use these tips to travel smart on your next trip!