5 destination to unravel the Hippie in you!

The Hippie movement started in 60’s with small number of people but now, it’s like a religion in itself. The hippie follows peace and want nothing from the world except love. So if you are one of them, here are 5 destinations you need to visit ASAP because it’s your calling.


Yes, you read that right. Ibiza is not just for party-crazed teenagers in blaring nightclubs. Ibiza has been a hot hippie destination since the 60s and still sees many hippie travelers throughout the year. Even though it has become an overcrowded party island, the natural walking trails and whimsical architecture make it a much coveted hippie place.


2.Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal has had many troubles to contend with, not least the 2015 earthquake, but it’s always attracted spiritually curious travellers and probably always will. After all, there’s nowhere in the world quite like it – a truly awe-inspiring natural setting with a view across the Himalayas, a city full of treasures with a kind and welcoming population, and a key site in both Buddhism and Hindusim. It’s also the perfect base for continuing your spiritual exploration, with treks to Pokhara and onwards to the Himalayas



3. Goa, India

Somebody once truly said that many lifetimes will not be enough to really absorb all the experiences that India has to offer.  Even though the country itself is not very hippie-friendly, pockets like Pushkar and Goa especially are extremely popular amongst the hippies. Legendary raves and colorful carnivals are the order of the day at Goa.


4. Nelson, Canada

Canada’s pot capital Nelson is a bohemian town that has managed to keep its carefree spirit intact. A number of quaint local watering holes and coffee shops are scattered in between heritage structures. It is also unquestionably beautiful, with snow clad mountains circling it proudly.


5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This ones a no-brainer. With its liberal drug policies and freedom of expression, is the hippest city in Europe. Hash cakes galore, Amsterdamers embrace bohemians with open arms and open hearts. Green open spaces, quirky pubs and carnivals aplenty; Amsterdam is the perfect starting spot on the hippie trail.