5 things to do with your daddy dearest on this Father’s day!

Father’s day is almost here, 3 days to go and here i am still wondering what i am suppose to give my daddy dearest on this special day. Though he hardly remembers it’s Father’s day but I do and i cannot ignore it. Here are some beautiful ideas and experiences that would stay with him through out his life. Because he needs to feel special as much as you do. Check this amazing places that you can visit with him and havea fun weekend.

1.Sula Vineyards, Nashik

A glass of wine would never hurt anyone, right? How about spending your weekend strolling in vineyard, learning how to sip wines and how your wine is made. Sula Vineyard is a perfect place for you guys. A glass of wine, facing sunset on a rooftop. Perfect!


2. Helicopter Ride, Mumbai

How about taking him up in the sky and showing him the city he has been cursing for Traffic is actually a beautiful place to live in. A helicopter ride can do wonders for him. This experience would stay with him for lifetime and he would happily accept your gift. I mean no cribbing about how bad your choice is.


3.Fireflies Festival

If you both love camping and are nature lover, then this is for you.  Fireflies festival organised by Grassroutes is worth every penny of yours.

PS :Fireflies can be spotted only in this season, so don;t miss this opportunity.


4. Camping on Pawna Lake,Lonavala

Chilled beer, barbeque and a blanket of stars. If this is what you both like, than camping on Pawna lake would be your kind of celebration. Enjoy the night.


5. Hot Air Balloon ride, Lonavala

Flying up above the air, and seeing his wonderful expressions. Trust me, this would be the best thing to surprise him.