5 Travel movies you need to see for travel motivation

Movies take you to the places that you have never been. Before setting on a voyage, if you are confused and wondering where you need to set your foot , watch this movies to get back your motivation and have a clear goal. This travel movies are based in different parts of the world and show lives of different people who are normal like us, but are struggling to find their way out.

1.Lost in Translation

Japan : Scarlet Johnson and Bill Murray are redefining romance. Based in Japan, the movie revolves around how you can find love at any point of time of your life and how language barriers cannot stop you from living and loving the way you want!


2. The Beach

ThailandLeonardo DiCaprio stars in this travel/adventure story that follows a backpacker to the depths of Thailand’s wilderness. Leo makes his way to a beach paradise for what is thought to be a dream life away from consumerism – however it’s not long before this beach paradise commnity-style living sends its inhabitants nuts. The filming location of the beach in Phi Phi Leh is now an incredibly popular tourist destination for visitors to Phuket, Thailand.


3. Into the Wild

Alaska : North America: This story follows Christopher McCandless, a college grad who abandons his wealthy family and their desire for his life. Instead, he sets off on an adventure to hitch hike his way to Alaska. This is one of those movies you will finish feeling like you could pack up the bare necessities in a backpack and leave tomorrow.

into the wild

4. The Bucket List

So two old men who are critically ill and end up in hospital , and realise how their lives have been. So they make a bucket list, consisting of travelling the globe, skydiving, driving expensive cars etc. So watch this movie if you thought you were too old to venture out. Because age is just a number!


5. Eat, Pray, Love

Italy, India, Bali: For all single women and solo women travellers, this is the film to watch before you set off on your adventure, or perhaps the one you need to watch to make the decision to do so. The film follows Julia Roberts as she eats her way through Italy, prays her way through India, and finds love in the unexpected destination of Bali, Indonesia.