A Holiday to the Hoary Lands


Still want some more on the winter vacation spots? Don’t worry! Just like in the world economy the Middle East is not far so it is for its chilly wintry season. After the experiencing the harshest winters in the European nations, come visit some Middle Eastern nations. Don’t underestimate the Arabian countries.

Dubai may not have snowy mountain terrains like the European nations, but it is worth the visit in winter. This driest city offers you the pleasure of indoor ice skiing with a huge water park. With a clammy temperature outside, you take on 5 distinctive runs of some 400m that too in real snow.

Ever thought of visiting a Mediterranean country in winter? Try Lebanon. It is definitely not a sane choice for ice skiing but it is most certainly a crowd puller for winter sports enthusiasts. Faraya Mzaar and Cedars are the renowned and best resorts for 6 different Alpine styles. It gets around 3 months of the trustworthy snow each winter. Here is some additional benefit of visiting this place. On bright days you can not only ski in the mornings but also go for a dip in the Mediterranean somewhere in the afternoon and party hard throughout the night in Beirut.

Apart from the Middle East, visit Lapland, Vancouver or Iceland. Lapland that overlaps northern Norway, Sweden and Finland is dwelling to infinite snowy scenes. With the real reindeers and typical Christmassy atmosphere, it could be a best place to spend your Christmas holidays. The original ice hotel is at Sweden called the Jukksujaarvi. You could totally have a thrilling experience of the cross country skiing here.

Vancouver is great in shape at any time of the year. Yet it feels that is born for winter. A perfect place for some strolls is the Stanley Park, whereas the West End is stocked with numerous brew houses. Waltz in a coffee house to get rid of the windy afternoons.

The Monkey Hot Springs in Japan is a crowd puller. People come in here to watch the wee devils having their own water park fun. Near Yamaonouchi Townin Nagano, Central Honshu, is the Jigokudani Monkey Park. The local monkeys come down to the hot water for a dip during the wintry months. Humans are also allowed for a dip in these hot water lakes, but those ones are a little down the valley. Bear in mind that the road to this Monkey Park usually closes during extremely heavy snowfall.

How can we forget the superb place to visit in winter, Iceland? Come and get ready for some hot booze in this snow filled part of earth. Reykjavik is a best known place for drinks in the awful chilly nights. If you are a not regular visitor of Iceland, you are warned, the cold here can smell fear. Just be brave enough to hunt down some best thermal pools for fighting the icy Iceland. All you need is a good fortune to eyewitness nature’s amazing free show.