Look for Alps beauty and enjoy traditional music feats in Austria – get indulged into snow sports

The countrymen speak German as the primary language and Austria is often acknowledged as the sports capital of Europe. This country is land-locked with several other nations of the continent such as Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic and Slovenia; all of them of different affect on the culture, livelihood and cuisine of the country. You will be surprised to know that Austria is a federal with nine different federal states, each of those of having distinct values and culture to see and feel. International visitors have a different corner for the architectural magnificence and musical feats that have been achieved by the country till now.


Reasons to visit Austria

  • Cultural significance – Austria has a long history of cultural richness and achievements reasons for which may be attributed to the music, diverse cuisine specialties and lifestyle of the locals. Different regions located in the country will give you varying sense of culture and tradition to go with the inherent cultural exchange process to feel a change in personality and respect for the local culture history.
  • Architectural highlights – There are much more than you can even imagine for the architectural field which will lure you at the earliest stage. When you look for the locations and attractive spots to travel in this country, all the states will present the visitors with magnificent and distinct architectural structures. The tourism and travel department also organizes the architectural tour for this country which will emphasize on Vienna, Burgenland, Carinthia, Salzburg, and Styria and in the Upper Austria region which will captivate your attention.
  • History of music – There is no shadow of suspicion that Austria has presented some of the best musical heroes to this world among which Strauss, Beethoven, Schubert and Mozart ranks top in the list. This is a brilliant place for the development and promotion of classical music where you can feel and see the traces in the form of reputed orchestras and concert halls.
  • Cuisine and Drinks – You may have tasted some of the global delicacies previous in your world tour but authentic versions are simply better. Yes, the local delicacies and cuisine styles of Austria has got a different version with Apple strudel, scahertorte and wiener schnitzels. On the other hand, drinks such as Austrian wine, hot chocolate and Viennese coffee will be in their traditional patterns to relax you.
  • The Alps – It should be noted here that Alps cover almost 3/4th section of this country which forms one of the greatest attractions for international tourists and visitors. It is the beauty and effects of crystal clear lakes, valleys and snowy mountains that will catch your eyes and invite for the second visit. You can further be engaged in activities like kayaking, cycling, hiking and skiing.

Weather of Austria

The Easter portion of Austria presents you with glowing European sun however; the overall climate for the country seems to be continental type. In the Alpine section, you will have to face longer winter season to enjoy unlimited snow sports.