Back Pack for Every Destination


Here are some very handy tips and tricks when planning on a getaway either on a sandy beach or a mountainous climb or a regular city hike, with friends, family or with the best travel companion, yourself. Just remember to check that your back pack has it all for the coming adventure.

When planning of hitting the tanning sandy shores around the world set a beach back pack. See to it that this exclusive beach back pack has a protective sun block. Remember the rays in the tropics are never friendly and you surely would want to get back home looking like a giant tomato. Shop for a stylish bikini or whatever swim suit you are planning on to wear. Go to planet sports and make you pick. Also pick colourful variety of sarongs for after dip wrap up.

A cultural back pack must have a camera. Take a digital or SLR, whatever, but a camera is a must to capture the magnificent monuments, glorious views and aluuring attractions. Visit the Ezone and make your pick from a variety of cameras. Also carry a couple of scarves or caps as in some of the monasteries and religious places you are not welcomed without them.

For an adventures trip, your back pack must contain comfortable and not stylish clothes and shoes. Make sure you carry in some extra clothes just on the safer side. You may not know what the adventure has in for you. Your mountain satchel must contain a first aid kit, a GPS or a compass. It is recommended to carry a working flash light with couple of batteries and a knife. See to it that the knife is not a paper cutter and not made in china.

And lastly when visiting a manly dominated world, see to it that your trendy handbag has nothing much expect for money. The city will provide you with everything it has. All you have to do is be generous and spend a couple of pennies. For girls, just be sure to carry a makeup kit in the hand bag as you may never know what spot your going to hit when you are on a the go in a city. And for boys cool denims and couple of regular T shirts are good to go.