Get into small but beautiful European country Belgium – offering great views of cities

Is there anything special in Belgium which is more appealing than Amsterdam? Many people ask such questions before they start taking the significance and essence of a Belgium trip, which will certainly end in chocolate and beer. However, the reputation of this small country located in Europe is not only limited to the above mentioned petty things rather it goes beyond your simple imagination. To gather more information, you will be pleased to know that it is none other than the capital of EU or European Union and place for people speaking three distinct languages. Whatsoever is the exact cause for visiting Belgium to millions of people, you should never take it too lightly because it has the capacity to lure your attention and hidden humane inside your personality.


Belgium – reasons to spend a few days

  • Beer – If you have been ever looking for the best and most elegant category of beer, you should try Belgium beer at once for the long lasting taste and flavor. Visitors often like to try some sort of branded flavors that come in the names of Chimay, La Trappe Blonde and Rochefort 10.
  • Chocolate – The world still considers this country as the heaven of chocolates and this is just not in Bruges only but it is widespread in other locations too – you may say in every city of Belgium. You can find the best chocolate flavors matching your intricate mouth delicacies at the outlets of Leonidas and Meuhaus. Local chocolates are also on display with dark pralines, puddings, ice creams and white truffles that have the capability to attract you at the earliest stage.
  • Fries and waffles – Well, the local restaurants in the country might seem a little bit costlier to you but you have another option to satisfy your belly – yes, the street food. You can easily find the commonly available waffles and fries from the street vendors.

Suggestions for visiting cities in Belgium

  • Brussels – Known as the capital city of this country, Brussels seem to be a candid travel destination for international visitors. It has got some sort of high attractions for the Atomium, remains of the 1958 exhibition; Mini Europe, The Grand Place town square and Manneken Pis which will invite you for the future trips.
  • Bruge – West-Flanders capital city is greatly known for the quality beer, medieval architecture and peace.
  • Antwerp – Besides fetching precious diamonds to the country and the world at large, this city is now also considered as the fashion capital. You will definitely like to visit this second largest city of the country in summer months when two-months longer festival is organized that will feature parties, bars and pop-up concerts.
  • Ghent – Historically important city, Ghent allows the visitors and tourist to jump into chapters of history with eye-catching city views, St. Bavo Cathedral visits and impressive religious paintings which cannot be ignored in a trip.

Transportation system

Belgium has a great and more accessible transportation system within the city which will never disappoint you. Railways, airport and road facilities are up to the mark and will certainly cater to your frequent travelling needs.