Charismatic Copenhagen


Considered to be Scandinavia’s most sophisticated capital, Copenhagen is a perfect blend of its old fashioned attraction and quality. Copenhagen is a solid squash stuffed into a tiny space. It is described as an oasis of calmness, friendliness and culture. This is the place blessed with the legendary Vikings and the Hans Christian Anderson with 17 century old spectacular houses. It is a breathing space of fairytales and legends. Not to forget that is also an open minded stylish place for every traveller.

Once in Copenhagen, every visitor is most likely to end up in the Tivoli Gardens. This estate features flower gardens, not dreamy yet romantic boat rides, beer gardens, food porches, architectural sites, amazing rides and the best part is the firework displays.

World apart are the ancient streets in the Old Copenhagen. They are held for the analysis of the summit of Rundetarn. The outlook from this ruby brick tower has changed since 18 century. It is said that the great Tsar Peter rode his horse all the way to the top. Drop by at the fairytale castle at Rosenborg Slot. This 17 century castle is garland with royal Danish history from the inside. If ever want to learn the stories about the Vikings, stopover at the National Museet. Fall in love with the age old history at the Statens Museum for Kunst. It is the authentic place where the
Danish masters share wall space with Rubens and Picasso.

The local staples range from heavy pork dishes to the favourite, smorrebrod, which is basically a sandwich with a choice of fillings. You must try smorrebord at Ida Davidson. This restaurant is a family run cellar and considered to be the city’s finest supplier of this amazing sandwich. Just so you know, Ida Davidson serves 250 variety of somorrebrod. If you want to try some modern day servings of European and Danish food style, visit Peder Oxe. It is an organic restaurant with a beautiful Portuguese style interior. Want to grab a local bite; Norma’s is the place for you. This Michelin starred bistro is famous for its inventive cooking styles. It uses local produce such as musk ox, smoked eel and the vicinity caught lobster. Try the historic mansion of Premisse, famous for its French method and local items. Have a dreamy dinner by the canal side location of restaurant Kanalen. This place is famous for its French and Danish fusion with the infamous dish, bouillabaisse.

Stay is important for any traveller. In Copenhagen, Hotel Cabinn City is a centrally located budget accommodation. It is a very simple Scandinavian style hotel with no frills decor but clean lines and a really good level of comfort. The most exclusive and expensive hotel is the Hotel Fox. It a divine creation of 21 international renowned graphic artists. So basically staying will be like sleeping in a modern day art gallery. Another modern style place would be the Wake up Copenhagen hotel. It is blessed with all the day to day amenities like Wi- Fi, flat screens and so on. Just in case you feel like trying something more like down to earth thing, try the Carlton Hotel Guldsmede. It is for sure that you will have a delightful stay.