Free- Falling through Asian Valley


Whether it is free flowing down the white waters or the free falling from the unsteadiness of slopes, if you are a freak who loves a pumped up adrenaline rush of adventure, it’s time to back your backpacks and set sail on your jaunt.

The Himalayas stand for nothing less than the utter most peak of nature’s dignity. The spectacular forested gorges rise to skylines of snow white glaciated peaks through a landscape that can simply take your breath away. It is a home to some 40 million people who are a distinct mixture of culture, communities, zip zapped by ancient ancestors and religious directions. They are one great example of unity in diversity to the world. Go; put your courage to test on the risky- dangerous Himalayan roads and the much feared animal kingdom of its own. Or maintain a low profile by prancing through the yak pastures. Don’t be alarmed by its long stretch of some 2500 km across Asia from Kashmir to Kathmandu, Lhasa to Ladakh.

Hidden in the dry treeless rain shadows, Ladakh is a classic Himalayan view. The traditional Buddhist culture is still observed here. For a traveller Ladakh has every bit of the adventure, right from the heroic treks to the dare devil water rafting. The best time to visit this little Tibet of India is during June to September. Daily flights are available from Delhi to Leh, however if you are more of an adventure-is-out-there-person then try taking the beautiful high roads over the Himalayas from Manali or Srinagar. You are warned to hire a jeep or simply a classic Enfield bike for touring through the ancient Hemis, Lamayuru and Thiske monasteries. Don’t forget to take a curve to the turquoise lake of Pangong Tso bordering the original Tibet. Do not forget the Markha valley.

Let go off yourself at the crown of the Asia, Tibet. It is unseen from the Indian subcontinents right behind the walls of the Great Himalaya. Despite the advancement of Chinese on the rooftop of Asia, the unique Tibet still hums the mantras from the age old monasteries. What could be a better highlight than the distinct Buddhist culture, the super friendly locals, the high altitude grasslands and the sublime north face of the gigantic Everest? To be honest, it looks way better than anything you will see of it in Nepal. A good time to see summit of Asia is during mid-May to September. You could get there by flying to Lhasa from Kathmandu, Chengdu, and Beijing and from many other cities in China. If not, seek for the world’s highest train from China to Lhasa. Once in Tibet, free fall from Lhasa to Kathmandu, halt at the Buddhist relics at Gyantse. Have a rough trek around Asia’s most holy peak, Mt. Kailash. You could also visit the Kashmiri influenced art of Tsaparang and the Guge kingdom, buried in the gorges of Sutlej valley.