From Fairytale to Gizmo Hotels


Ever imagined to open you suite door with some voice recognition app or by clicking some buttons on an I-phone? Well, there are some unusual hotels in that world that work on such weird principles. Don’t believe, scroll down and believe the unbelievable.

Who likes to be banged up and that to in a foreign land? Nobody! It is in the human nature to avoid or merely escape an imprisonment. But the Swiss Jail Hotel, Lowengarben gets you locked up out of choice. Once Lucerne’s not so desirable address has no transformed to a major crowd puller. This 19 century prison has no evolved to hold prisoners of a very different kind. This Swiss Jail hotel provides you with its simplest rooms which are like former cells. They are renovated to produce a feeling of Spartan aesthetic of prison life. They have scrubby furnishings and shared bathrooms. The ex- prison library is now turned into a suite with floor to ceiling books. The warden’s den has now changed to a power house made of steel safe. The guest room is quite stylish but the best part of the hotel is the Barabas suite. It is full of paintings narrating the post jailbreak scenarios as story bound by an ex- inmate. They even have booze at a bar, surprisingly called Alcatraz.

Now imagine you entering a world dominated by some gizmo force. At the Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poznan, Poland take the pride in opening your suite door through swiping a I-Phone instead of using a key card or a key. The whole hotel is stuffed with touch screens. Also the system here is that the room chooses you and not you. So here, everything is the other way around. Blow Up Hall 5050 is invention of electronic artist Rafael Lozano Hemmer. His show starts the moment you book a room on the website. You select colours, pictures and numbers and that’s how your personality reveals and this helps in determining the perfect room for you.

Human, especially women love those beautiful fairytale castles. They desire to stay in those dreamy palaces at least once in a lifetime. Thankfully, Turkey’s one of Cappadocia’s hotel is doing this beautiful cause. Esbelli Evi hotel is nothing but like an image bounced out of some Disney movie. It is encircled with fantastical surroundings. It is said that more of this hotel is a natural build; like the cracks in the rocks are replaced with doors. Filled with ruby red Turkish carpets, dark Ottoman furnishings and conventional lace curtains that balance the ashen sandstone walls and hardwood floors, this was the regions first boutique hotel. And a vision through the window, even better, the terrace, is truly supreme.