From the Last Shangri- La to the Trekker’s Paradise


Travelling on your own terms gives you the freedom to flap your wings just the way you want…whether it is on sun brown sandy beaches or on an adrenaline filled quest. It is time to take on the Himalayan ranges with your best travel companion, you! Let your heart lead the road map. So, ready, get set and… Go.

Considered to be trekker’s paradise, Nepal, is a must stopover for every adventure freak. What could be a better way of experiencing this spectacular wide mountainous terrenes than on foot? Just try walking down this Himalayan range for once, utter bliss.  Pursue the mountain paths at the amiable Sherpa or Tamang villages to the 8000m peaks like Annapurna or Mt Everest. Nepal is also very cheap when it comes down a cosy bed and hot dinner, simply at the cost of 25$. If in Nepal ever, don’t forget to have an endeavour at the medieval city, Kathmandu. Bear in mind to visit the once Himalayan artistic powerhouse in March, April, October or November.

To visit this magnificent country, you could simply fly to Kathmandu. From there you could hail a domestic flight to Lukla for the Everest region. In the Annapurna region there is a launch pad for trekkers. To ramble to the Everest camp, a 14 day is must. Be generous to add in a couple of days extra for witnessing the extra ordinary mountain lakes of the Gokyo valley. The latest teahouse trek in Nepal is the 17 day walk around Manaslu. If not this, try a 3 week camping mission to the Dolpo or Kangchenjunga areas.

Known as the final spot in the Himalayan realm, Bhutan is a must visit. The moment you enter this concluding spot of the Himalaya’s, an inhuman atmosphere fills up. It is noted that nearly 75% of the countryside of this nation is flooded with dense forest. The Bhutanist locals like the Layaps and Brokpas are very primitive in nature. Most of Bhutan is still untouched by the modern technology that we witness today. The localities still wear traditional dresses. Bhutan is altogether a different planet on our planet, earth. It is totally worth to visit this out of the world region that to at a minimum daily rate of 250$ per person. And for your information it includes the transport, meals, guide and accommodation.

When to visit the last Shangri-La? Best time is March, April, September and October. Start your adventure by flying to Paro from Kathmandu, Delhi or Bangkok, over from any other place in the neighbour India. If in Paro, do visit the beautiful Paro valley and its to go Tiger’s nest. Also feel absorbed in the monastery of Punaka which is in the tiny city capital of Thimphu. When in Bhutan be lucky to enjoy the monastic festival.