Gigantic New York Visit


For some pumping up energy, over flowing enthusiasm and for all those who want to go crazy and wild, it is time to trip up to the city that needs no introduction. New York, infamously known as the Big Apple, this is the city where you simply cannot get rid of the hottest pubs or best restaurants or coolest shopping arcades. New York City will always have much to do to fit in your schedule but try not to miss at least these places.

In a city like New York, blessed with fine arts and Hollywood star shows and theatrical escapes, you certainly cannot miss the Broadway show. Whether it is Mama Mia or Lion King, it promises you an experience that you will never forget. Book yourself for at least one Broadway show. It will be a memory of a lifetime.

Climb up the Statue of Liberty to its very apex for a larger than life image of New York City. Or can’t take up the effort of the hike; just have a glance through its base. But the pain of mounting up is totally worth it.

That only place in New York that has it all is the Times Square. This place is stocked with everything; right from shopping to food, from great tours to much more. Drop in by around evening. The whole street is lit brightly. Have your Kodak moments against the exclusive live back drop of the hustling bustling New York.

The Big Apple is famous for it’s on the go street food variety. Try the hot dogs, pretzels, falafels, kebabs or some tacos. This city is said to have more than 4,000 street food vendors.