Go Reasonable on Hawaii


Hawaii a perfect holiday destination for twenty- something bag- packers, for newlyweds and for a whole family tripping. Here are some easy tips and discounts that can make your Hawaiian trip extremely enjoyable and memorable.

The biggest question of visiting any place is ‘how much is the travel expense sum up to.’ To visit Hawaii a great time would be during the months on May, September and October. The climate during this time of the year is extremely gentle. And not to forget the airfares are quite cheap. If you happen to make a visit during the peak winter season, that is in between January and March, the airfare might just double as most people migrate to the larger US. Also the months through June and August are extremely expensive being the summer time for schools.

But don’t worry. It is true that you struggle hard enough to get office leave for your trip. So, here are some easy tricks that can help you get the best and bargain-able accommodation. For Hawaii, and many other island like places have good discounts on booking for five nights or even longer. So take advantage of this great discount and hop on every best nearby islands. Every place offers a great variety for your eyes. Omit the thought of having 50% or 100% limit for an ocean view suite. Rather go out there and have a pure undisturbed natural view. Even the mountain-view or garden view rooms are cheap. You will most obviously not get a picture perfect view, but how long do you plan on staying indoors on a vacation? So cut the money on the penthouse suites and utilise that money to feast or simply go shopping. And to save a big pocket sum, book a cheap campsite or rural old cabin at Hawaii’s national, state and county parks. Also the isolated beach- stay blesses you with a view that even 1000$ villa couldn’t.

Now when on a trip, isn’t it obvious to spend on adventurous activities? Ride a surf board, paddle a canoe, go scuba diving into the deep sea and most certainly try boat trip to the Big Island’s blistering lava that makes it’s way into the sea. Catch the authentic Hawaii hula performances at some random outdoor park or beach side hotel for some munching with the dancing. Consider yourself lucky and walk with a guide through the lush green mountains of Hawaii. You are more likely to witness unique, endangered and rare species of nature. These actives may not be as cheap as the accommodation tricks but you should try them. Even though they may be heavy on your pocket but you will literally brag about your experience for years.

Still want some outdoor experience without spending a penny? Just hang out all day and night long at the beach. The state’s 750 miles of coastline is completely free for the public.

The sage old advice of cooking yourself to cut cost on food money is so not applicable in Hawaii. In fact, the Hawaiians also have to pay extra on the food as nearly 80% of the food is imported by plane or ship. So spending on condo with a kitchen will waste your money than staying at a reasonably good hotel. Remember to follow the locals method of munching at some roadside food truck or from some take out kitchens. And when do happy hours come handy, right!