Going Solo on Costa Rica


It is time to get into the tropics. For the love of sun, sand and beach get soaked up in the streams of Costa Rica. Costa Rica meaning a rich coast in Spanish is an ecotourism heaven with 1,800 km of coastline. The ocean in Costa Rica is pebbled with breath taking beaches. Being a home to exotic range of wildlife it is a reserve full of playful monkeys, relaxed sloths, endangered sea turtles and mind blogging collection of exotic birds, insects and butterflies.

Costa Rica is one of the finest islands to go on for a solo trip. It is a haven for every kind of traveller. Right from exploring the pacific scenes where every beach offers you its own special treasure to the wildlife discovery you won’t need anybody else. Being in the tropical zone, you can plan on coming to this traveller’s paradise any time of the year. It this one sole place where there is no place for winter.

Being a vast coastline, it is impossible to feet-touch-feel every beach. But here some few that are totally worth the visit. Playa Flamingo is famous for sport fishing and sea dive. Go ahead and try your luck into some fishing. The best part is that you can eat the fruit of your hard work. Go to Playa Tamirindo. Here you will witness the unique giant leatherback turtle. This is the idle place to have a turtle tour. And the last is the Manuel Antonio. This part of the land is highly contagious of monkeys. These cute but devious creatures are famous for stealing picnicker’s snacks.

Indeed any one can fall in love with these rocky shores, gorgeous plam tree lines and sandy beaches of all colours- golden, white, black, grey and astonishingly pink. It is this place where words fall short to convey the state of happines