Humble Home Havana


Visiting Havana is nothing but a once in life time experience. Where on earth do you get to see vintage American cars running off Russian Lada Engines? Or some age old ration houses adjacent to the polished colonial palaces? Parked beautifully as Caribbean’s biggest and chirpy city, Havana is blessed with a romantic atmosphere and contagious energy.

The locals here love their home town and its clear why so. In the middle of the sparkling ocean of Caribbean, more than 500 years of epic history has cooked Latin America’s finest, thrilling and culturally exclusive societies. A pullover stop of the swaggering pirates, a well equipped slave port for the Spanish and the money spinning capital for the North American Mafia, Havana has lived to tell the tale and has taken up the effort to evolve according the current time. At the front of the Latin culture, Havana has generated salsa and mambo, Havana club rum, cohiba cigars, mural paintings and how to miss the iconic figure, Che Guevara.

Thanks to the ever increasing traffic and the high rise of dwellings, Havana is sadly not square beauty. Not magnificent like the colonies of Buenos Aries or like the spectacular coastline of California, Havana does lack the wow effect of Paris, but Havana’s attraction lies in it primitive and nonfigurative surroundings. Stroll through the rusty neighbourhoods of Centre Havana or Vedado and you will soon pick up the aroma of a Santeria ritual. It is here where a bunch of drummers make up the rumba beat. Many writers have described this place in their own words. Federico Lorca said that he had had the best days of his life here. Also Graham Greene stated that it is the only place where anything was possible.

Havana literally has the power to hypnotise you. It is a place where you simply couldn’t resist yourself from falling in love. It is advised to take a guided tour around Vieja’s mesmerizing colonial monuments, witness the zing of late night cabaret shows, stroll next to the Malecon as the mystic waves clash over the sidewalks or merely respect the expertise work of streamlined 1956 Cadillac.

Havana lacks fancy shinny tourist resorts or some fictitious theme parks, but encompasses its unpretentious earthy authenticity. It does have some great museums, high class hotels, gigantic palaces and delicious restaurants. Want to see a real life set of Elia Kazan movie? Just walk a couple of blocks north to green Parque Central. You are for sure to witness a dusty 1950’s time twist where working class mums still shop with their hair rollers and kids playing baseball on the streets with sticks and rolled up plastic balls.

This flawed region of the world easily spells bounds you into falling in love with it. It is indeed difficult to describe this sultry and imperfect county