Knock Back Madrid’s Pint


A Spanish city that knows how to survive and live is Madrid. In 1930’s Ernest Hemingway described it ‘a place where nobody goes to be until they have killed the night.’ The Spanish capital is stocked with many legends and booze. Plaza Santa Ana is one of the main and best hubs to enjoy the true Madrid nightlife.

Walk in Cafe Comercial and witness the old style leather couches with old style waiters. It is biggest of Justicia Horario Barrio’s old cafes. It has changed very little since its inception that dates back to 1887. However; its customers have evolved a lot through the days. It is mostly filled in with teenagers hanging out, writers working on their laptops or just some old chaps playing chess. The beer here starts at 1.70 Euros.

Cerveceria Alemana is very well known place it’s chilly and lathered beer. It has built up its reputation by maintain its special selection of Spanish beers. The indoor is good, but on a sunny day it is advised to steal an outdoor table. There may be a fight over this. The bow tie waiters and the indoor wood lined bar hasn’t changed since. The beer here starts around 2.20 Euros.

Museo Chicote, life of Madrid has invented more than a 100 cocktails till date. This place is often visited by film stars and the top socialites. This founder landmark Madrid bar is at it’s best after midnight. It is this time of the night when the city’s best DJ’s turn up and the lounges atmosphere changes. The cocktails here start from 8 Euros.

Sitting beside stunning ruins of a church, with a little light and hip style interiors filled in with James Bond posters is Gaudeamus cafe. The cafe is famous for its rooftop terrace which is super crowded in the summer evenings. Beer ranges from 1.80 Euros.

The best very nightlife hub of Madrid is Delic. Famous for its hour long standing queues which are totally worth for the exceptional mojitos and the outdoor tables on one of Madrid’s prettiest plazas this place needs no further details. The mojitos start from 6.30 Euros.

The Roof, located at the apex of ME Madrid hotel and up above the Plaza De Santa Ana, offers a great view of the city life at night with best ever cocktails. To comfort its customers from the chilly weather, The Roof offers you its comfy beds and classy lounges. Cocktails are estimated to start from 8 Euros.

Lastly to get the typical feel of some age old 50’s cowboy like bar, try the La Venencia. This place is just how a shabby bar is supposed to be. Here drinks are poured right from the huge wooden barrels. La Venencia is a classic with fine sherry from Sanlucar and manzanilla from Jerez, accompanied by a small selection of Andalucían-style tapas.