Short travel guide to Macedonia – culture, cuisine and natural beauty

Many people and interested visitors around the world have not yet considered the Republic of Macedonia as sole travel destination in the list however; it seems to be the fast emerging travel countries in Europe with excellent historical remains and natural beauty in plenty. Of course, you will feel distracted by the ancient raids and invasions made by the Nazis, Byzantines, the Communists, the Alexander the Great, Ottomans and the Romans but this country has attracted millions of tourists due to exceptional natural attractions, heritage richness and warm people who will love and like your presence. It can also be considered as the topmost destination for trips if you hate crowded streets, thousands of tourists blocking your path and in case you like mountaineering and skiing.


What should you know about Macedonia?

  • Skopje – The capital city for this country, Skopje has been invaded and destroyed by countless invaders for centuries which left nothing to the locals here. However, the national government has show ultimate courage to build up and erect this historically burned up city under the ‘Skopje 2014’ project which is under process to travel on the path of success and development like the other European capitals. It will make the city more appealing and focused on complete makeover with planned construction.
  • Smoking and wine – It would not be an exaggeration to say that people in this country can smoke anywhere. Anywhere means everywhere here and that is the exact way Balkans welcome you! On the other hand, local wines although not seen in the foreign world can be taken easily which seems to be amazing with plenty of love and charm.

Places to visit

International tourists are not restricted to see only the wine country, ancient culture, culinary highlights and outdoor adventures in Macedonia rather you will be pleased to see the spreading out of mountains, churches, lakes, monasteries and villages all over.

  • Skopje – The national capital city of Macedonia presents the visitors with amazing views of Stone Bridge, Mother Teresa museum, churches, Fortress Kale and a big bazaar, ranking second in the world after that of Istanbul.
  • Ohrid – This is a brilliant location to see lakes, red terracotta roofs, and narrow streets and open cafes.
  • Mavrovo – Adventure seekers will love this Mavrovo National Park which boasts of picnic spots; protect forests areas, mountain shepherds and scenic views. Here, you can enjoy various activities related to horse riding, hiking, biking, camping and white water rafting to the maximum limit.

Cuisine of Macedonia

Here, the local foods are cooked with extreme precision and care to spice up your favorite stuffs with flavor and herbs. The entire Macedonian cuisine derives its roots from the Slavic, Turkish and European ways which derive food sources from the fruit orchards, vineyards and sheep farms. Some of the tasty and traditional dishes served commonly to the international tourists are Malidzano, Ajvar, Polneti Piperkim Burek and Pindur.

Transportation costs

In contrast to the other European travel locations, Macedonia presents the visitors with cheaper modes of transportation. The country also manages to have international flights from major world leaders like UK, Italy and other nations.