Rumble in the Mountains of Switzerland


Do you want to experience the feel and thrill of standing atop, watching the world beneath you than hiking at least one of the mountains in Switzerland is a must. If finding trouble climbing up, stand afar and watch the glistering sunsets in between the mountain terrains. Switzerland is nothing but a picture perfect holiday for you.

Scale up the 4,000 m plus Alpine Slopes and discover mountain high like life never before. This country stand tall among other with a wide variety of experience right from cheese and chocolate tasting to jaw dropping panoramas. Switzerland is great place for newlyweds where they can fall in love with the breath taking scenery and for solo travellers where they can have their solo gig. The people here in this country are extremely friendly and they hospitality is just amazing. Switzerland is quite a civilised place altogether. Just to cut your fear the language barrier is not a big hurdle just a few catch lines and you are good to go.

Switzerland is famous for its high terrain regions. The Engstligen Alp at Adelboden should be your first hike in the country. It is plateau with tons of water. The streams here rise high above and gush down thunderously into the valley across a rock face. This place is a popular hiking destination in summer and a skiing spot in winter.  Whatever time of the year you come, it is a spot that you simply can’t resist.

A magnificent natural spectacle is the Creux De Van. It has an impressive personality of 160 m high vertical rock faces that encircles a 4 km long valley basin. This whole geographical scenario turns it into an untouched landscape.

Lastly, make a visit to Ruinaulta. They are considered to be Grand Canyon of Switzerland. It is said that Ruinaulta was formed by the Filmser landslide which occurred 10, 000 years ago when 10, 000 cubic meters of rock thundered right into the valley and led to the creation of this magnificent sight. You can visit this place on foot, water, train or a bike.