Staying made Fun


A little more of unusual hotels await for you. Warm welcome these extraordinary taverns.

England very famous for its railways, have an extraordinary hotel at your service. The Old Railway Station in Petworth, England is must experience for anyone who pass through this culturally rich country. This rail hotel has four carriages. While staying in one of these four beautifully renovated train carriages takes you back to time of small town England. Just like the country’s essential pillar was railways on which the common man of England depended, The Old Railway Station somewhat does the same job. It is the old outlook of these carriages that add a touch of originality to this unique hotel. However, the interiors have the best possible comfort with a touch of modernity but certainly not running the catch of the carriage. It is a mystery as to how they have managed to get king size brass beds into the carriage. The former ticket house has now turned to be the hotel’s reception while the 19 century’s waiting hall has evolved to be a modern day breakfast room full with railway china ware.

Everyone has a thing for light house, especially the old ones. But did you ever imagine, besides climbing up the lighthouse, of having your suite on a light house? One of Norway’s hotels is there to fulfil your dream. On a shaky peninsula, close enough to the western Fjords, Krakenesfyr is an ideal place from where you get a spectacular view of Norway’s coast. The most desired room is that on the top floor of the lighthouse. It is a circular branch view beaming high towards the beautiful sparkling ocean. The other rooms are that of the ex- cottage officer’s room. The Scandinavian pinewood furnishing gives a perfect nomadic feel.

Ever got the opportunity of crawling inside a masterpiece of your choice? A contemporary art gallery at Copenhagen called the Hotel Fox gives you this prestige. This hotel too is a creation of 21 internationally famous artists. This place gives you the feel as though you are in some comic book or some painting. Hotel Fox’s every room have their own special identity and name. Like room 206 is called Ecstasy. It is made up of passionate, high wall, mid night black colour sirens. Whereas room 202, is called You are a Baby. This room certainly takes you back to your childhood. It is full of baby bedspreads, some hanging mobile like thingy and jam-packed with bright colours. Then there is other room 409, called Heidi is themed to maintain a high class rural Swiss life. Just like that, room 504 has a boxing theme.

The Arctic region is now old and famous for its ice made houses. Similarly, Finland’s Hotel Kakslauttanen and Igloo Village has made the required changes in the age old building patterns of the Arctic regions. In this icy hotel, you get to lie down on a bed and watch the night sky and get warm enough as the temperature outside falls. The trick is that beneath the bed is the thermo glass. This little igloo village gives you the complete pleasure of seeing the northern lights that to lying in the comfort of your bed. It also offers you winter only ice igloos, rough ice safaris, ice swimming, snowmobile travel and something new and different, the smoke sauna. This is the only hotel where you would want to spend more and more time in your luxurious suite.