The most offbeat stays for your Honeymoon

Imagine having an entire island to yourself on your Honeymoon? or spending your special nights facing Eiffel tower in the middle of water? Sounds beautiful? Right? Staying in 5 stars and ordering on phones is just so old. Living on the edge and not following the crowd is your kinda Honeymoon then you need to go to this places.

1. Sea Shell House in Mexico

How about lounging in the pool in a villa shaped like a giant sea shell? That feeling of having the entire pool to yourself and your loved one. The Caribbean sea is 15 minutes away and it allows for some major privacy as it hangs over a cliff. Near Cancun, this one comes with king beds and a cute kitchenette. This would give you a Flintstone house feeling.

sea sheel

2. Castle in Ireland

So you both don’t hate Monday’s because Game of Thrones. Want to experience some of it by yourself? Over 600 years old, this castle built in the 1400’s has been restored to it’s original state with cutting edge technology and an old-worldly charm. Lots of long-winding stairs, old fireplaces and this one’s a perfect Irish castle experience. And the host promises to teach you how to light a fire.

castle in ireland

3. A private island in Belize

You are lying if you didn’t want to live an island completely by yourself. So you can complete this dream of yours on your special trip.


4. On a Houseboat near The Eiffel Tower in Paris

The tittle sounds romantic enough. A houseboat near to the most romantic place on earth sounds like a dream come true. As it’s a houseboat it won’t be as spacious as a villa but it would surely give you better experience than any villas in the world


5. In a bus on a beach in Spain

All your teen years you wanted to turn a bus into a house and just disappear. Here is your chance, you and your loved one, a better pair then best-friends. Sleeping under a starry night in a cosy place is all you need to create that spark.