The Unheard Distinctive Theme Parks


I know no one will ever get bored of Disneyland. Not in this lifetime or the next. But, for a change, how about trying a different and weird theme park? This holiday surprise your little ones with a gateway to a theme park that they have not heard of before.

For starters try the Legoland, Demark. Lego, a Danish company, is one of the most remarkably richest toy companies in the world. With its alignment with Marlin Entertainment, Lego has opened up 6 exciting theme parks around the world. It has 2 theme parks in America, one in England, one in Germany and the last one in one of the Asian country, Malaysia.

The rides at Legoland may not be that gigantic like other theme parks, but a simple stroll through the Miniland indeed takes your breath away. The mini versions of the famous buildings and the panorama of the world’s best places are made up of over 20 million Lego bricks. A special treat for all the Star Wars fans waits at this theme park. Legoland offers an exclusive Miniland section of Star Wars.

Lego’s original factory was established in Billund. The Lego’s have a reputation of hosting an annual inside tour of the factory. This is their USP and not to forget that they offer this to you at an exclusive price of 2350$ for a 3 day trip. Note that they have a restriction of only 25 people. So get ready to swipe your credit card and surprise your family this summer.

In case you’re pretty little girls are the fan of the Japanese Hello Kitty, take them to Sanrio Puroland, Tokyo. It is the only place in Japan to witness the iconic Hello Kitty in action. This tiny park is blessed with only one boat ride, but the crowd is lured into the parades, the shows and the larger than life active Hello Kitty. A new department of pinkie fluffs is promised to be open soon. Want some discount? There are chances that you may be blessed with some discounted packages from stations along the Keio subway line en route to the park in Tama.

Bored with the same monotonous theme parks, visit this ancient old theme park in Denmark. Known for it’s go getter attitude, Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is must visit for theme park lovers. It is Denmark’s 2nd non- missable spot. Its birth goes back to 1843. This ancient theme park is blessed with a wooden roller coaster, a 80m gigantic carousal, some bumper cars like the Ferris wheels and old school ones, but definitely not vintage. There is daredevil ride called the Demon roller coaster. It is featured to have 3 inversions. And lastly there is this Vertigo. It is more like a self piloted ride that bolts to a speed of up to 100km/h.

Want to eyewitness some live classical concert; you are in the right place. The Tivoli offers you a pantomime theatre.