Wintry Getaway


There are winter lovers. Yes, there are some people who actually love the freezing-to-death cold, the hands- turning- numb- situations, the chattering of teeth. These people are no different than any traveller. They love winter and so what! This article is exclusively for people who love to tease others by touching ones cheek with stone cold hands, for people who love eating the chilly snow, for the people who just simply love winter. The northern hemisphere will offer you with the best winter spots that to crowd free. So get ready with your horrible jumpers and here we go…

They say no one does winter like the Eastern Europe. Well, that is so true. It is the place where you will witness fairytale castles, frosty temperature and somehow people surviving this ridiculous cold wave for months. But Budapest does it in the best way. The more the temperature falls the more this place supplies you with its best amenities in hand; right from the hot coffee and cake in the city’s legendary cafes to the hot baths in your hotel rooms. This city builds up your courage to face the freezing banks of Danube.

Speaking of cold and forget Quebec City? Not possible. The capital of Francophone Canada offers you the most nose hair freezing temperatures than any of the cities in the whole wide world. Quebec City offers you it fashionable winter carnival. This street party offers you snow sculptures, an Ice palace and tower and legendary canoe race along the St. Lawrence River. Near by the city is Canada’s only ice hotel, Hotel De Glace. It is build each year on the coast of Lac St. Joseph.

Lastly, be a dare devil and try the Russian winter for a change. The Russian winter is considered to be the cruellest of all winters around the world. Hop on the Trans- Siberian railway and enjoy the spectacular snowy running scenery. All this viewing right through a cosy heated carriage with an unlimited flow of hot water and the infinite brews. If this running winter is not for you, then pay a visit to St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Winters can be fun too. Winters can be a perfect getaway too. All you have to do is pick out your favourite destination, toss on some warm cloths and head out. Don’t worry, the city will take the responsibility to keep you warm with a perfect hot bath and with never ending hot coffees.