World’s Bizarre Theme Parks


Bet you want to know more of the unheard yet amazing theme parks. So here are some more weird fun parks for you and your family. Grab your suitcase and get set to take on the world’s unheard theme parks.

At some point in life everyone must have had the feeling of gambling for a Ferrari. Well, in Abu Dhabi you don’t have to bet anything to enter in the world of Ferrari. The oil rich nation of United Arab Emirates made a golden opportunity of investing some money into this theme park. Ferrari World is blessed with over 20 Ferrari theme rides and attraction. This not-to-miss theme park is located in 30 minutes radius of the airport on Yas Island. The Ferrari World gives you the whole right to eyeball its showroom of the best vintage Ferrari cars which dates back to 1947. And just for your information, it is the largest of its kind outside Maranello.

When in Ferrari world, don’t forget to hop in the simulator and for your sake try out the world’s fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa. It smacks the speed up to 240km/ h that to in just 4.9 seconds. Now that is something!

What is short in supply, besides the tiger, in Asia? That’s right! Theme Parks! Well not just theme parks, rather ‘good’ theme parks. That is when the Universal Studio Singapore came to the rescue. The Universal Studio, Singapore is located on Sentosa island therefore, though is small in size but it has made a reputation for the quality it provides. And to be honest, don you get tired walking miles to just grab on another ride? They have this amazing roller coaster called the Battle Star Galactica. It has the exclusive feature of 2 side by side bone bouncy roller coasters running simultaneously. Not only this, the park is extremely famous for its Transformers ride. Once you buckle yourself up on this car ride, be prepared to experience a chilling 3D clash with some super cool effects like fire, smoke, and water. This ride is a perfect rumble of the good old school chills with today’s bliss of technology. It is a complete mad house for boys. Don’t you girls worry. As this park is located on an island, feel free to hit the beach and while sipping some cocktails get a nice Asian tan.

Are you an Angry Birds fan? Then visiting this theme park is totally apt for you. Finland is delighted to serve you with its original and exclusive Angry Birds at the Angry Birds Land in Sarkanniemi Amusement Park, Tampera. Like these Finnish mobile game characters have fascinated us, in the same manner this park holds its reputation. Abu Dhabi, Doha and Al Ain are now bidding their best for the rights to build an authentic Angry Bird theme park. But until that is done, you still have to visit Finland to have some Angry Birds time. Don’t worry; the park is not aggressive and maddening like the game. In fact the rides are extremely family friendly. But…its Angry Birds!!!